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Capture every moment with a branded polaroid camera

Capture every moment with a branded polaroid camera

We are finally able to organize party’s again. It has felt like a lifetime since I’ve actually been to a party, let alone organized one. That last time I was at a good party was maybe 2 years ago. So for me, I’m really happy we are finally able to party again. As it turns out, this enthusiasm has come to the attention of my colleagues. So now, I’ve become the one and only member of our newly found party planning commission. The first order of business at my party planning commission is to organize a great “welcome back” party. Now that parties are allowed again, and companies are slowly opening their doors once more, we are again able to throw a decent office party. So now it is up to me to live up to the high expectations set by myself. One thing I do know will be included in the party is a branded polaroid camera. The pre-corona party’s all had a polaroid camera, therefore, mine will have one to.

Getting a company branded polaroid camera

A polaroid camera is not cheap, but it does make sure everybody can capture the best moments from an unforgettable party. Because a polaroid camera instantly prints the photos, you are also able to frame them in an instant photo frame. I really want to buy a branded polaroid camera. So the polaroid camera will be in the colours of the company logo and maybe also have the company logo on it. I also want to acquire some branded polaroid film. This is the paper on which you press the polaroid picture. We can style this film according to our brand and brand colors. In this way, we will create a fully branded, company exclusive, polaroid camera.

Buying a polaroid camera

Purchasing a polaroid camera is not the problem. You can buy a polaroid camera from a lot of different retailers. The problem for me is creating that branded polaroid camera. I will have to get into contact with one of the retailers to see if this is possible. While I’m at it, I can also try to create some customer polaroid film and the instant photo frame. I don’t know yet what the theme of the party will be, or when it will take place. But I do know that it will include a custom branded polaroid camera.… Read More..